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Make standing work more comfortable

Nov 25, 2022

We mentioned that sitting for long periods of time can be very harmful to our bodies, and in fact, so can standing for long periods of time. When you stand for 90 minutes, you will feel sore feet and swollen legs. If standing for more than 60% of your work day, you are already on your feet too long.


In addition to the feedback immediate signals from the body, such as leg swelling, foot pain, local or general fatigue etc. What harm will long-term standing do to the body?

First and foremost is the problem of the waist and back. Standing for long periods of time every day can lead to considerable and persistent lower extremity muscle fatigue, which can lead to long-term spinal discomfort and orthopaedic disease.

For people who have to stand for long periods of time at work, prolonged standing plays a potentially dangerous role in cardiovascular problems.


But in fact, there are many jobs that we have to do standing up. So, what should we do to reduce these negative effects?

  • The first thing that must be done is to wear the right shoes.

The right shoes not only make your feet more comfortable, reduce bad feelings and fatigue, but also support our bodies when we stand.

  • Do your best to change your standing position

Remaining in the same position puts constant weight on the feet and body, and changing positions frequently can change these to some extent. Or take a small walk in place to promote blood circulation and avoid constant tension in the legs.

  • Make time to move around or sit and rest regularly or whenever possible.

Standing all the time is unbearable, it makes the body very tired and the muscles all over the body tense. Give yourself time to rest as your work permits. If possible, put a stool on the work post, and you can sit and rest when you are free.

  • Do some stretching and strength after get off work.

Do some stretching exercises for the whole body, especially the feet, legs, buttocks and back, to relieve fatigue and tightness of the body, and then do some strength training to strengthen the muscles, so that you have the strength to better cope with the work.


What to consider when choosing  shoes for standing ?

  • A pair of shoes with a flat outsole that fully touches the ground can evenly distribute the forces on the foot. Avoid local irritation and discomfort.
  • Cushioned shoes that absorb impact and reduce the pressure on your feet. For example, shoes with memory foam insoles have a certain cushioning function, which can absorb impact, absorb shock, and rebound quickly. And the shock absorbing MD sole absorbs shock and helps support your foot so the shoe holds your foot securely.
  • Standing for a long time can easily cause problems such as arch pain. Arch support can better support and stabilize the feet, and can slow down foot pain. So the function with arch support is also a factor to consider when choosing shoes suitable for standing.
  • The stretchy upper won't make you feel too tight, and if you're wearing shoes for most of the day, be sure to choose shoes that are breathable to allow your feet to breathe, keep them dry, and avoid stuffy heat and bad breath.

Favourable  shoes for standing  should have the above characteristics, when you choose  shoes for standing , you can refer to these.

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