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Tips for choosing your boots.

Oct 28, 2022

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." —F. Scott Fitzgerald

Say goodbye to the summer heat. When bare dead boughs that coldly sway. The boots come out.

This time pay attention to winter creeps in.

What to look out for when you're looking for seasonal boots.

A good pair of boots should provide your feet with the following three most important qualities.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Beautiful scenery in autumn and winter, but the weather is getting colder. Until the cold air starts to invade your toes, that's when you don't want to enjoy the view. So keep your toes warm in your boots. Keeping your feet warm helps keep the rest of your body comfortable and strong when simply enjoying time outdoors in cold weather. So you can focus on the scenery and comfortably enjoy the refreshing autumn and winter season.

How to keep your feet warm?

No matter how cold the temperatures drop, the easiest way to keep your feet from getting cold is to invest in a pair of high-quality insulating boots.

Provide insulation, which means they use your body heat to keep your feet warm in the fall and winter months.

If the weather where you are requires extra insulation, we also provide extra insulation for warmth. Not just one. In order to better meet the needs of more people, and let the friends who love our company's products keep their feet at a normal temperature in winter, we have made a lot of efforts. Like the micro-fleece lined extra insulation,3D tongue and others we offer. Just to lock the temperature under your feet in all directions.



Waterproofing is also a part of keeping warm and moisture will make the shoes' warmth ineffective.

There is nothing worse than having cold and soggy feet. When it is cold, shoes that are not waterproof bring moisture, which can aggravate the cold feet.

We don't want this to happen to you.

So we made boots that are waterproof to protect your feet exactly. Waterproof boots give you the freedom to step over snow and puddles without getting your feet wet. Waterproof shoes can prevent your feet from getting cold due to the entry of water.

However, waterproofing is not about sealing your feet in the shoes, it is waterproof, but also breathable, allowing your feet to breathe. Avoid discomfort in your feet.


Prevent slipping

The rubber sole of the boot is helpful for slip resistance. It not only provides 100% waterproof protection but also makes cleaning and drying the boot a breeze. What is more, a good rubber sole has a strong grip in the snow. Our boots utilize professional grip technology for a gecko-like grip. Avoids slipping well which can effectively drain off water on the ice surface, remove the water film and prevent slipping.

The above key point is of course dependent upon your specific needs. If you think these ideas strike you, or one of them is exactly what you need, consider buying based on these, you'll be amazed how well a boot with these features will help you through your season and offer limitless styling potential to create a better tomorrow.

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