On Series Stories: Awake your true spirit.
The STQ Walking Party

On Series Stories: Awake your true spirit.

Jun 02, 2022

Perfect for walkers, Awake offers a unique comfort that makes you forget your shoes are there after you put them on. And why we created the series of the Awake: these shoes designed to feel better you’ll go further.

Platform Shoes

As you see, the shoes series of the Awake all have one unifying feature, that is, they all have thick soles. PU & Rubber & Air cushion outsole or shock absorbing MD sole with traction rubber patch can be chosen arbitrarily.

The design of the thick sole is attentive, and the style of each pair of shoes is conducive to modifying the shape of the legs, The secret to making you beautiful is impossible to say no.Cushion midsole softens your steps reduce shock and increase weight dispersion.Durable non-slip rubber outsole of will keep you safe, stable and comfortable on any terrain.


The bottom of the Awake may be unmissable, but the upper is also quite eye-catching.

They all use a knitted or mesh upperso you never have to worry about breathability. Softness and ventilation. Stretch knit upper of these ladies trainers offer a sock-like fit for an optimal fit.

Summer is here. These shoes are great for summer as they are really breathable enough.

Insole With Adequate Cushioning

Insoles with different functions are suitable for different scenarios, you can choose the shoes series of the Awake that suits you according to the functions you need. We have insoles with arch support, memory foam insoles and massage insoles to choose from.

It is suitable to be worn for hanging out with friends, visiting the dog park, standing all day, grocery shopping, school teaching, office work, traveling, driving and more.

Functional Arch Support

The series of the Awake are a great option for women who suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, high instep, aches and pains in knees and feet ect. Each pair of shoes in this series is arranged with arch support.

Laceless Design

Easy-on. Easy-off. Easy-on the planet. All the shoes series of the Awake no need to tie. Elastic slip-on closure for easy to put on and off.

Slipping in and out of your shoes has never been easier with STQ shoes.

What's better than that new shoe feeling?

Every pair of shoes in the awake series is so cool, the cushioned, supportive shoes that feels so good you go further. We want every stq-fan to enjoy the comfort of our Awake shoes. No matter what scene you are in, when you put on our awake series, you can feel as comfortable as stepping on the clouds.

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