STQ Crelife Collection: Create a better life.
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STQ Crelife Collection: Create a better life.

Jun 10, 2022

If you have a need, we will provide something to meet your needs. Crelife can definitely meet your needs. Whether it is the upper, insole, sole and arch design, it provides better breathability, higher stability and even more comfort. We aim to create better, create a better life.

Flats Are Easier

If you like flat shoes, then follow Crelife. The shoes of the Crelife series are all flat shoes, which can meet your all-day comfort, and the lightweight shoes will make you forget the existence of shoes. You can wear it all day, even at home. It also supports you to go out, visit, stand all day, shop, drive, etc.


Slip-On Shoes

If you don't like tying your shoes, worry about the laces keep coming off or don't want to spend too much time putting on your shoes, you can check out our crelife range, slip-on shoes that are easy to slide in and out.

Slide into uninterrupted comfort and get out faster. Our 4-way stretch knit gives your foot complete freedom.



  • Mesh upper ——Breathable

There is no doubt about the breathability, Our Crelife collection is made of highly breathable mesh.

  • Cushioned memory foam insole——Well-cushioned

So the shoes have a high cushioning capacity and very soft.

  • Functional arch support——Offer arch support

Our arch-supporting midsole provides support in all the right places.

  • MD+Rubber sole with traction rubber patch——Stable sole

Our outsole is designed with a larger rubber area for better abrasion resistance and a chevron wave construction for extra grip.


Various Shapes

We love shoes that go for style without sacrificing comfort. We also put a lot of thought into the design of the shoes, and there are various shapes, there is always one you will like.

Each shoe is available in a different color. For details, please pay attention to our Crelife collection, you can click the picture below to find your favorite shoes.

Care Instructions

  • Not Machine Washable

Hand washable, but not machine washable, to avoid too much damage to the shoes and to improve the service life of the shoes

  • Avoid Extreme Heat

Excessive temperature will cause damage to shoes, avoid high temperature in the position where it is placed daily

  • Air dry

After cleaning the shoes, they can be air-dried under the natural wind. Air-drying is the best way to maintain the shoes. The high temperature of drying will cause certain damage to the shoes.


Each of our collections has a different focus, stay tuned for more collections to choose your favorite shoes.

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