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What is secretly damaging our health?

Aug 20, 2022

How many hours per day do you spend sitting in a chair? How long do you spend sitting continuously?

If you are an office worker or often drive long distances, have you ever felt physically uncomfortable? Often neck stiffness and back pain.


In fact, most people sit for a long time.  But sitting for a long time is not good for us at all and we will suffer from head to toe.

Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can have many adverse effects on the body, including increased odds of obesity, high blood pressure, and blood sugar, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and shortened lifespan.

E.g sitting in the office for a long time, driving for a long time, sitting on the sofa watching TV for a long time, sitting for a long time studying, etc. may be considered sedentary. Although for different people, the body's response to prolonged sitting is different, and the maximum sitting time that the body can withstand is also different. But sitting for a long time can have adverse effects on the body.


Prolonged sitting is associated with increased mortality in a study by the American Cancer Society, which defined prolonged sitting as sitting still for a total of six hours or more per day.

The immediate response of your body to sitting for a long time is dizziness and sore eyes; slightly numb fingers and fingertips; Stiff shoulders, neck, and waist muscles, soreness and pain; Varicose veins in the calves, swelling, and thickening.

But more long-term harm.

Sitting for a long time increases the risk of developing ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and 12 non-communicable diseases, including chronic kidney disease, migraine, and gout.

In addition, it will cause the following damage to the human body:

Fat accumulation, leading to obesity; Shoulder, neck, low back pain, muscle tension, damage to the intervertebral disc; The blood supply of the heart and lungs are affected, resulting in reduced heart and lung function;  The blood flow rate of the lower extremities slows down, increasing the incidence of thrombosis; Induce hemorrhoids, prostate and other diseases and even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer...

Guidelines issued by the American Diabetes Association in 2016 suggest that all people should reduce their sedentary time, especially avoid sitting for more than 90 minutes at a time. Maybe we can't control the time we sit, but we can avoid sitting for a long time and we can get up and move our bodies appropriately. We have a few suggestions on how to effectively alleviate the harm caused by sitting for a long time.


For every hour of sitting, stand for five minutes

If you are in a sedentary group, then you need to pay attention and stand up frequently to reduce the time you spend sitting continuously. ​You can sit for 30 minutes to an hour, stand up, or if you are driving, find a rest area, walk, stretch, shrug, move your legs, etc.

If possible, do some stretching exercises to soothe your body.

Avoid bad postures that damage your health.

If you have to sit, then please pay attention to your sitting posture. A good sitting posture can reduce the damage to the body and reduce the burden on the spine and cervical spine.

Flatten your feet so that your entire sole is on the ground, and the angle between your thighs and calves is 90 to 100 degrees to allow your thighs and buttocks to bear the weight of your body evenly, making you more comfortable. Then position your spine and straighten your upper body.

Make up for some injuries by exercising

It is recommended to exercise a lot, and adults should have at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, such as jogging and swimming, for at least 10 minutes per exercise. Even low-intensity exercise can offset some of the health risks of prolonged sitting. It can also be replaced with 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise, and you should also ensure that you do muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week.

Stay comfortable all-day

Sometimes we have to sit for a long time, so to minimize the harm, work in the office for a long time or drive, study, etc., you can choose shoes that keep your feet comfortable throughout the day because our feet are the basis of physical activity. We also hope that by providing foot comfort, you can be motivated in your daily life and move towards a healthy life. In addition to keeping you comfortable in a sedentary state, our STQ shoes are also great for assisting with your daily movement and helping you live a better life and stay healthy.

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