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How STQ shoes provide pain free and all-day comfort?

Jul 01, 2022

We stress the importance of a good pair of shoes, because shoes have to accompany our day's actions. One of the most important factors is whether the shoe will give you enough support. The actual ergonomic shape, precise arch support height and angle of the insole and sole are critical.

I believe everyone has a deep understanding, a pair of shoes with arch support can bring comfort to your day, especially if you have plantar fasciitis, it is very torment without arch support.

A pair of shoes with arch support can relieve pressure and pain on your feet and provide all-day comfort. And our shoes, each pair has such characteristics, no matter what type of shoes.

How STQ shoes are designed for arch support.

You can trust every pair of our shoes with arch support. The insole is a breathable, removable arched insole. This ergonomically designed shape provides support, and the arched arch allows your foot to move in the best possible way. The shape of the shoe itself, the height and angle of the arch support are carefully designed to give you sufficient support.

The STQ shoe's arch support system relieves pressure on the foot, absorbs painful heel-inducing shocks and provides cushioning and energy return. This allows everyone wearing STQ shoes to feel comfortable and enjoy all-day support.

What are the benefits of arch support

If you have plantar fasciitis, flat feet or often feel pain in your feet, wearing shoes with arch support can help because they are designed to put your feet in the right position and allow your body to The pressure is spread out on the foot so that the foot is supported. If you need to stand and exercise for a long time, shoes with arch support can bring all-day comfort, even if you don't need to move for a long time, in daily life, shoes with arch support can keep your feet comfortable.

The way your feet move has a big impact on body parts such as your heels, knees, hips, and back. If the foot is not placed in the correct position, other parts of the body will be negatively affected by the movement. And it is easy to cause symptoms, such as inflammation and pain. So foot health is very important, which affects the overall health of our body.

Then shoes with arch support are very important. STQ shoes are designed with arch support, which aims to place the foot in an ideal position, giving the foot support and stability. It is convenient to distribute the pressure of the body evenly on the foot.

So having a pair of shoes that fit your feet is crucial, enjoy your all-day comfort - we did it.

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