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Slorhy:Slow-paced sport, rhythmic heath life.

Jun 16, 2022

We believe we should always allow you to dress and express yourself in the most authentic way possible. Therefore, we always adhere to our own philosophy and design the Slorhy series, aiming at slow-paced sport, rhythmic heath life.

If you’re a jogger, then you are looking for the right shoes. I guess high-quality running shoes are what you need.

Just Find Rhythm

Is every shoe in the Slorhy collection suitable for running? The answer is yes. They respond to the movement of running, providing ample cushioning to keep runners safe.

It's worth mentioning that they're geared towards jogging but they're not just for jogging, it's great for rhythmic workouts on your running surface, and it's an ideal sneakers for those who need more cushioning. So all you have to do is find the jogging rhythm that suits you best, and leave the rest to our sneakers.


Escort Your Running

You won't want to miss the massaging insole and the reinforced ankle design. Slorhy's massaging insole is well-prepared for running. We've designed a massaging sockliner where your feet need relief to support your run, also has arch support, and a reinforced ankle design for maximum protection.

The cushioning your feet need is now more adequate and provides reassuring protection during heavy movements.


Higher Comfort

The design of the laces improves the accuracy of the fit between the foot and the shoe. The material of the lace have enough friction. Tie it tightly to prevent the laces from falling off and hindering running without losing the style of matching. And our shoelaces are degradable materials, you can buy them with confidence.

The shoes also have enough breathability. Breathable mesh lets your feet breathe while you run. And if you need more shock absorption, please pay attention to the Lowener series, we have designed air cushion styles, more shock absorption, giving you more cushioning and more comfort.

One of the things people love about the Slorhy is its protection, when you step into this shoe, you really feel cushioned and protected. This is what we have been working on, stick to enough buffer.

So please lace up your shoes and let's move on.

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