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Elees: Enjoy life, enjoy every step.

Jul 09, 2022

Lightweight, colourful and easy to style, Elees is a must-have pair in your shoe wardrobe. From breathable, durable fabrics and comfortable wraps to a variety of colors, check out the exclusive style that Elees has created for you. Designed for you to enjoy life, enjoy every step.


Elees is a casual style collection that puts your life in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer minimalist shades and lightweight designs. Neutral tones, minimalist design, first of all, available in dark grey, beige, black, multi-navy and white. We offer the most minimalist yet thoughtful designs. These shades are a hobby for any minimalist and can be paired with many outfits, making them a perfect match in your wardrobe. Lightweight shoes and wraps with enough comfort and minimal tones are easy to create a casual vibe for your life. If you are a casual lover, then you can get it.

But Elees goes further than that. In addition to neutral tones, Eless also provides the most classic plaid models and the most fashionable colors, including red plaid, purple plaid, multi plaid, black white plaid, dark grey plaid.

Classic plaid and canvas are a match made in heaven. In addition to casual style, bright warm colors and plaid elements bring their own talents and bring passion to life. If you are a lover of plaid elements, this is the place for you.

The original intention of our design Elees series is to better enjoy our life. Elees is a casual style. Whatever’s on your agenda—hanging out with friends, picnics, or going to skateboard parks. Our casual shoes of Elees are the perfect companion.


Designed for an unmatched fit, this shoe offers more than just style. We use materials and designs that make people's feet feel comfortable in every detail. Elees are ultra-light. The upper is a breathable canvas upper. The removable twill-covered EVA footbed means that the shoes have a good wrap and comfort, making your feet feel like they are not wearing shoes. The shoes are made with TPR outsole, which provides great grip and support, giving you a lot of support for your movements. Breathable upper, comfortable wrap and sole combine for all-day comfort.

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