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Lowener: Low energy exercise, more softer landings.

Jul 22, 2022

We want to provide you with good partners for daily travel, sports, shopping, and waling……The Lowener collection of shoes allows you to use less energy and get more support for all your activities, "Low energy exercise, more softer landings." First of all, in terms of the style of the shoes, Lowener series is very suitable for matching your clothing, and furthermore, it is also worth mentioning in terms of the comfort and functionality of the shoes. We mentioned "more softer landings", which means it is not only activity, but during exercise, Lowener has strong support and cushioning shock absorption. So we also hope that these shoes can accompany you in exploring your life.


We never have to suppress our passions to accommodate our shoes. We can do whatever we want at any time, like jumping, running, exercise. When you put on the Lowener series platform running shoes and touch the ground, every step of yours will be full of energy.  Lowener is a youthful and energetic collection, which doesn't mean we only wear it when we're in adolescence. It helps us take our first steps when we're motivated. Lowener adds speed, passion, and drive to produce the product that best suits your passion for life.  We invite fans of stq_shoes into the passionate, dynamic world of Lowener.


Whether you're looking for a walk in the park or shopping or to a higher level, Lowener series gives you the power and support you need. You can focus on your goals and let shoes do the rest. Every one of our components is designed for comfort and power. This means that you can get a bigger return just by spending less energy. Enjoy your softer landing.


We ultimately want to make pieces that evoke your sporting enthusiasm. Breathable, supportive, and cushioning, laying the foundation to support your movement. Lowener ignites the spirit. It creates motivational conditions for people so that you can be well involved in your sport. And, we carefully designed the lowener series shoes to look young and fashionable. While taking into account the appearance matching, through the research designed a shock-absorbing platform sole, will make you softer and more relaxed when landing, and cushion you. So you can enjoy the power to the fullest.

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